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Growing Cities needs a Screenings Coordinator (Omaha, NE)!

July 28th, 2014

COMPANY: Elmwood Motion Picture Company
JOB TITLE: Screenings Coordinator
START DATE: August 2014 (need six-month commitment)
HOURS: Half-time, 20-30 hours/week, paid position

Growing Cities is an inspiring new film about urban farming in America. The documentary highlights innovators and everyday people who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food—from rooftop farmers and backyard beekeepers to food justice activists and educators teaching kids to eat healthier. The film shows urban agriculture is about a whole lot more than simply good food. Learn more at:

POSITION GOAL: The screenings coordinator helps facilitate community screenings across the US/world by communicating with, receiving payment from, and shipping DVDs and screening kits to the on-the-ground event organizers.


  • Booking screening tour stops and negotiating speaking and screening license fees for filmmakers.
  • Cold call/email outreach to targeted groups for Fall screenings campaign.
  • Regular communication with screening hosts at various parts of process.
  • Receiving screening applications and creating invoices/license agreements.
  • Processing credit card payments using Square app.
  • Printing shipping labels and preparing pieces to be mailed.
  • Posting upcoming screenings to website.


  • Based in or near Omaha, NE (highly preferred)
  • Self-starter — able to work independently and keep up on tasks
  • Excellent at communication (both via email and over the phone) — good balance of friendly and professional
  • Able to collaborate on team and follow through on assigned tasks
  • Highly detail-oriented, organized, and thorough
  • Proficiency with Adode in-design and/or photoshop highly preferred
  • Interest in urban farming and/or film also a strong plus


  • Computer (with MS Office, preferred)
  • Cell phone number that can be given to screeners and posted online
  • Heavily email-based, so internet access is essential (can work at studio)
  • Access to a printer recommended (or can use studio printer)
  • A smartphone or tablet needed to process payments

HOW TO APPLY: Send an email to with your resume and short letter detailing your interest.


What’s Stopping You?

July 3rd, 2014
Lee Domeika




KS18Katrina didn’t stop Janette growing. What’s stopping you?

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Why I want to see Growing Cities on PBS: Mandy Mowers, screenings coordinator

July 1st, 2014
Mandy Mowers

Why I want #GrowingCitiesonPBS: Mandy Mowers, Screenings Coordinator from Growing Cities Movie on Vimeo.

Hi. My name is Mandy Mowers, and I’m the screenings coordinator for Growing Cities. That means I’ve gotten to talk to hundreds of fabulous community-minded folks around the country and the world this spring and summer. These people have been interested in bringing Growing Cities to their communities, to help inspire their neighborhoods to grow where they are.

I saw the film in Omaha last fall. Finally. Dan Susman, the director, has become a good friend of mine, stemming from the ultimate frisbee field. We’d been hearing about this film for so long, I couldn’t believe I was finally getting to see it.

Going in, I knew the film was about gardening and growing food in cities. I had no idea just how inspiring it would be.

I loved that the documentary was so positive. I love documentaries, but they can be draining. They are often about issues affecting our world, and I’m left with a heavy, guilty sense. Growing Cities did talk about important issues of our time, but I left feeling light, hopeful, excited.

My friend Betsy and I (thank goodness I got to be her plus one!) talked the whole way home about growing food.

I’d been wanting to start a garden, but I’d resigned to just forget it for the time being. My apartment’s already-limited ground soil is soaked in lead. And I suffer from a black thumb for all vegetables. Houseplants, fine. But if it’s food, I will kill it.

Growing Cities inspired me to contact my friend Marcia, who is a master gardener. I’d help her with the labor of her garden if she’d teach me to nurture those elusive fruits and vegetables. I helped her plant seeds. She sent me photo updates later in the week of our sprouts.

As the summer has picked up, I confess I’ve slipped in my apprenticeship. But I am determined to learn to grow food, and I know Marcia will be on call when it comes time for me to start planting my own garden.

I also registered for an aquaponics class. Betsy is a teacher whose summer class last year built an aquaponics system (with help). That was the first, and the film was the second time I’d really heard about aquaponics.

These systems use fish and plants to feed each other—and to feed you. I’m deeply interested in learning more.

And finally, I was inspired to join the team at Growing Cities, to help spread word about good food and get even more people excited to grow their own. The film has been featured in more than 25 film festivals and at more than 200 community screenings.

I got involved in this project because I believe deeply in the message of the film. You don’t have to grow everything, but you can grow something. And every little bit helps move us toward sustainability.

Because the truth is, we have got to think about future generations. We’ve got to learn and then be able to teach sustainable agricultural practices, and we’ve got to do it in the cities where we live.

Me, I loved the small town I grew up in. But I live in a city now, and I think I’ll probably live in a city when I raise my own family. I want to be part of building a better world right here in the city.

A message like that belongs on PBS. I want kids to see it. I want adults to see it. The people I’m thinking of might not go looking for a documentary on sustainable agriculture or farming in the city. But they might find it if it’s on public television. And maybe they’ll get excited about urban farming too — just like I did.

Please help us spread the word about the Good Food Movement by donating to the Kickstarter today:!

Urban Farming isn’t New

June 28th, 2014
Zoe Holland


From victory gardens of the second world war to guerrilla gardening in cities in the 70′s, urban farming has been implemented a lot longer than most think! Lets get more people excited about it today! #GrowingCitiesonPBS


How Does Your Garden Go?

June 19th, 2014
Lee Domeika

What’s your favorite garden/urban farm name? Consider donating to #GrowingCitiesonPBS campaign in their honor and let’s get urban agriculture highlighted for the public


What did the GOAT say?

June 19th, 2014
Lee Domeika

Baaaaack us up on this one. Don’t you want to see your favorite urban goats on PBS? #GrowingCitiesonPBSKS3

Growing anywhere; anything

June 17th, 2014
Lee Domeika


Help. Share. Grow.

June 16th, 2014
Lee Domeika

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Lot in your life?

June 15th, 2014
Lee Domeika

Have you found the lot in your life?

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Got a Window Farm?

June 14th, 2014
Lee Domeika

Who needs a backyard farm when you’ve got a Window Farm?

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