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Save Springdale Farm!

November 21st, 2014
Sophie Brinker

Springdale Farm, located in Austin, Texas, and featured in our film, has been under fire recently over land use regulations and events that are critical to the financial stability of the farm. Zoning and land use have long influenced the ability of communities to grow their own food. Paula and Glenn Foore, Springdale Farm’s founders, have recently been at the center of that debate within the neighborhood that the farm is located. Yesterday the city held a meeting regarding urban farm code, and listened to both sides of the story. Here is the summary of the meeting via Springdale Farm!

“City Council doesn’t think the Future Land Use Map needs to be changed for us to apply for a Conditional Use Permit. That’s good.
They voted 5-1 to allow Outdoor Entertainment as a conditional use. That’s what we wanted.
We need to go back to council on December 11 with a negotiated agreement with the neighbors on what would be a mutually beneficial plan for future events on the farm. Fair enough. That’s what we want, too”.

After traveling the country speaking to urban farmers in all stages of growth and struggle, we saw first hand how these laws can have a lasting effect on the presence of urban farms in communities. It is exciting to hear that cities are taking steps to listen to neighborhoods and farms and support folks to grow where they are. Congratulations, Springdale Farm!

Learn how you can support them by clicking the picture below.

Springdale Farm and their supporters show up for the meeting:

(photo from Springdale Farm’s Facebook page)



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