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Women in Agriculture

December 20th, 2014
Sophie Brinker

There have been many projects popping up recently celebrating the growing number of female farmers around the world. Here are a few links to learn more!

1. The Female Farmer Project by Audra Mulkern:


(photo from website)

This wonderful photojournalism project helps illustrate the rise in women in agriculture. Audra shows the strength and diversity of farmers around the world!

2. The Women Farmers, Land, and Agricultural Trust (WFLAT) in Zimbabwe


(photo from website)

This organization is training women in Zimbabwe to grow their own food & through community gardens come together in solidarity. The hope from Phides Mazhawidza, the Director of WFLAT, is that women have equal access to land and resources.

3. And here is a great article on US agriculture and the role of women in farming throughout history…


(photo from website)

It’s wonderful to see the ways women are working to change the system through farming! Let’s continue to support female farmers around the globe!

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