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October 19th, 2014
Sophie Brinker


Tune in to your local PBS station this Fall to see our movie! Check out the broadcast schedule here: If you don’t see your station on the list, don’t worry! We’ll be adding more showings for the spring too. Have a great day, and remember to #growwhereyouare!


Getting Creative in City Spaces

October 7th, 2014
Sophie Brinker

It can seem like living in a city may mean the absence of living in nature and working in a garden. But think again! Many communities all over the world are and have been planting gardens in urban spaces for centuries. Here are a few ways people have gotten creative with the space they have, and built community through those efforts!

1. DJ Cavem is a rapper and song writer from the 5 points in Denver, CO. He encourages his neighborhood and others to garden as a form of empowerment and community building:

2. Sky Greens in Singapore is the “world’s first low carbon hydraulic water-driven, tropical vegetable urban vertical farm, using green urban solutions to achieve enhanced green sustainable production of safe, fresh and delicious vegetables, using minimal land, water and energy resources”. They help create ways for companies and individuals to have access to greens in a city where space on the ground is hard to come by.


3. Bus Roots in NYC is a fun and exciting way to bring farming on the road! Used as an educational tool, these farmers are reclaiming forgotten space and growing plants that can be transported anywhere.



Q & A with Emily Snyder from Food Day

October 1st, 2014
Sophie Brinker

This last week Growing Cities had the opportunity to talk with Emily Snyder about Food Day 2014! Emily joined the Food Day team in August of 2013. Prior to this, Emily worked on the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Nutrition Action Healthletter. Emily earned a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University, and completed the Cornell Dietetic Internship. She is a Registered Dietitian, and a member of the Board of Directors of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area Dietetic Association (DCMADA). Click the photo below to learn even more about how you can get involved with Food Day!


Sophie: What is Food Day ​and how do you​ ​all ​support local and sustainable agriculture?

Emily: Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Every October 24, thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved food policies. October 24 is a day to resolve to make changes in our own diets and to take action to solve food-related problems in our communities at the local, state, and national level. In 2014, Food Day will have a special focus on food access and justice for food and farm workers.

Food Day aims to support sustainable and organic farms. Currently, sustainable farms receive little to no federal support and often lack market access to keep them competitive. Meanwhile, the largest 10 percent of industrialized farms—which contribute to poor health and severe environmental degradation—receive 75 percent of all farm subsidies.

Sophie: How long has Food Day been happening, and where did it get its start?

Emily: Food Day was created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in 2011, but it is powered by a diverse coalition of food movement leaders and organizations, including student leaders, public offices, school districts, and local organizers.

Food Day invites you to be a part of the movement that seeks to transform the way Americans eat.

Sophie:​ How can people get involved with Food Day in their community?

Emily:There are a number of ways to get involved depending on your time, interest, and resources. Here are a few:

•Spread the word about Food Day to your friends, family, and network, and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

•Advocate for a food or nutrition policy in your community. 35 Ways to Change the Food System: The Essential Food Day Toolkit is a great resource.

•Host an event or organize an activity, whether large or small.

•Coordinate Food Day activity for your area.

•Attend events in your community.

Sophie: ​What’s your favorite part of our film, Growing Cities, and why?

Emily: I first saw Growing Cities in April 2014 at a film screening that Food Day hosted in Washington, DC, and I loved it.

While it’s hard to pick a favorite part of the film, I think it has to be the part about Windowfarms. I live in an apartment building in Washington, DC, on the sixth floor. I have no yard for a garden.It’s neat to see innovative ways to grow food wherever we are. From the film: “Instead of blinds [in windows], why don’t we use that space for farming? … They can also be something beautiful that we live with.” I have a windowsill herb garden, but now want to get a Windowfarm also!

Sophie: What’s one issue in the food movement you wish people were more aware of?

Emily: Justice throughout the food chain—from farm workers to child consumers. And that is one of the reason’s that Food Day 2014 will have a special focus on food justice, as well as increasing Americans’ access to healthful food.

America’s food system is extraordinarily productive, but aspects of it represent injustices to workers on farms, in slaughterhouses, and in restaurants; to child and adult consumers; to farm animals; and to the environment. To find out more, check out this infographic we created as part of Food Day’s focus on food justice.

Sophie: Anything else you’d like to add?

Emily: Please get involved in Food Day! However you and your community chooses to celebrate, the key is participation. For more information, please get in touch with us at or202-777-8392.

These good food interviews are part of Growing Cities “Grow Where You Are” campaign to inspire and empower people to get more deeply involved in their local food systems and create healthier, more sustainable, and just communities.

Finding Inspiration

September 25th, 2014
Sophie Brinker

We are so lucky here at Growing Cities to be connected to the farmers, organizations, and schools that we are! We are constantly finding inspiration in the action and words of individuals we’ve had the chance to work with, support, and learn from.

Let us know who inspires you through our Twitter & Facebook. Just take a look at some of the amazing work being done to change the current food system by clicking the images below:






Brooklyn Grange:


Help us get Growing Cities on Netflix!

September 22nd, 2014
Sophie Brinker

That’s right, we can be on Netflix, but we need your help!


If you have a Netflix DVD account, just follow these 3 easy steps…

1. Visit our Growing Cities Netflix page.
2. Sign-in to your account (if you aren’t automatically)
3. Click the green ‘Save to DVD Queue’ button
It’s that easy – so please do this and tell your friends!

Note: you need a Netflix DVD account (not just streaming) to do this.


Thanks for your support!

Learn more  at or ‘like’ us on facebook and ‘follow’ us on twitter!

Kickstarter Backers Wall of Fame and Funder List

September 18th, 2014

Hi everyone!

We are incredibly grateful for the amount of support we’ve received making Growing Cities from individuals on Kickstarter, grants, volunteers, and so much more! As promised, we are listing all of our funders (1,300+) to live forever on our site – our thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way!





Check out our past Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns here and here.

Please note: since the film will be airing on public television we are legally required to disclose all funders of the project by the Federal Communications Commisiion (FCC). Now only if politics were so transparent!

These donors are in no particular order.

Lori Tatreau Linda Gobberdiel Ed Lambert Linseed Capital LLC Siri Mittet Eric O’Neill
Liz Kochis Linda Drew shifley Katharine Susman Sheila Calko Eric Johnson
Josh Catone LeeAnn Hopkins Don Hazelwood Dartmouth College Environmental Studies Shauna Struby Emily Stillions
Jeff Swart Lea Yancey Diane Kern Blair Watson Fund at Dartmouth College Sarah Schneider Emily Niehaus
Jane Sinclair Laurie Lemmlie-Leung Diana Canterbury COPP A LIFE CORP Sarah Daniels Elgin Blankwater
Cory Kendrick Landon Neustadt Delia Gable Applegate Sandra Nicht Eden Whitmire
Christian Tansey Kurt Goetzinger, Omaha Advertising Debra McClutchy REAP Fund Sande Eben
Benjamin Gotschall Kris Pagenkopf dean weldon Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society Ruby Blume Dylan Boyce
Andrew Fisher Kirstin Bailey Dean The Pollination Project Robert Medrala Drew Seyl
Anastasia Cole Plakias Kirsten L. david thompson Jeff and Linda Susman Robert (Teddy) Longo Dory Cox
Hana Sant kimberly e albright David Lehan RacheL Burch Health Coaching Richard Oosterom Derek Stenquist
Clare Ellis Katrina Moore David Anderson Cale Oglesby Illustration & Animation Rebecca Reed Debbie Farr
Amy Burzynski Katie Shuster Davey Barnwell David Manvitz Raul Sanchez Jr Debbie Diegoli
Tom Pearson Katie Mayfield Danielle Sukkaew David Peart and Carol Folt Randy Tsuda Deb Kirwan
erik hardy Kathy Capell Daniel Truong John Cummings Randi Day David Weir
Stanley Edwards Kate Schnippering Dan Petykowski Wayne Barstad Prairie Hale Daniel Smith
Samuel Salzinger Justin Limoges Courtney Hammond Roots & Wings Philip Kopyscinski Dana Beckstoffer Yares
Sam Wortman Justin Clare McGuire Quita Davis Patti Cristi Marashi
Nogdorf Darflap Juliana Culbert Chris at Reallygoods Lisa Holmes Pamela Bockman Craig Moody
Nathan Ledesma John Charlotta Franzon Paradigm Gardens Pam Carrico Craig Kollegger
Michael Taylor Jessica Prenosil Cathy Hurley  ~Fedora Femme Fatales~ Claudia Barthold Oscar Meridian Cory Sheldon
Mary Gerush Jean Stillmock Carole McAllister Audrey Paulman Nicole Giron Corey Lynch
Margi Jason Bellows Carla Contreras William Minier Nick Jensen Claudia Montemayor
Laura Loughran Jan Johnson Caitlin Fritz watie white Nellie Cope Vance Christine Tholl
Karen Washington James Nairne Cait Caughey Wendy & Bernard Monbouquette Nelle Ward Christina Bowen
julia schneider Jake Routhier Brooke Masek Rock Shaink Nd Williams chris grebner
Jim and Kathy Costello isabel rachlin Brian Robert Merrill Smith Nate Snelson Chimpo
Jeremy & Christina Holly Meyer Brian Ng Matthew Johnson Nancy Wygant Chicken The Movie, LLC
Christopher Meigs Hiba Ahmad Brian McMurrer David Hauser Monica Ghali Cheryl S Richards
christine Hannah Rothman Betty Ann Walker Gist Sam Dashevsky Molly Germash, LM, CPM Catrina Vargas-Cormell
Chris Joens Ginger Belinda Lawson Michael J. Holtorf Missy Bergquist Cathy Loeb
Britton Schram Gary Stockman Anne Steven Susman miriam raphael Carole Crawford
Anita Saalfeld Emelie Haigh Anita Olinga Michael Ferguson Mikhail Cherniske Cameron and David Barrett
Alan Ellen Ludlow Angela Santarelli Joe Michele Britta Best
Aaron Buechel Drew Davies Angela Manzer Christine Michaela Hayes Brianna
Patrick Anderl Diane Dodge Andy Stoll Vicki Bennett Michael Anderson Brenda Pfahnl
Paige diana zogran Andrew Trowbridge Timothy Aaron Danforth Meredith Skelton Brad
Eli Zigas Diana Smith Andrew Purpura Stilwell Fund for the Visual Arts Melissa Bob Steffes
duane marcus Denise Andrew Carstens Stephen M. Scott Meghan Baillargeon Bob Kanne
Benjamin McLaughlin Daron Joffe Anastasia Sonkin Robin Graham Matthew Dahlhausen Blake Rubin
Rob Cheryl Sittle Amber Groll karen kostroff Matt Schuessler Beth Metcalf
Paul Charlene McAulay Alyse Festenstein Harrison Davies Mary Nagelhout Bennae Stanfield
Cherie Fortis Carl Bage Allison Vogel Christine Hughey Mary Kay Ben Evans
Cath Business Coffee Club Allison Beaman Charisse Baker martin streetman ben
Sean Anne Lieben Allison Baugh Carol S Royce Marsha Pesavento Ben
wendy courtemanche Anne Blackstone Alexis Black Christine Castro Mark Stallsmith Bahia Nightengale
Tucker Andrew Kitchell agrowculture Alex Lee Mark Petersen Ashley Overholt
Timothy Held Alex Taylor Rebekah Brown margi davis Ashley Cutler
Thorkatla Donnelly Alex Ainslie Benjamin Melançon Patricia Stehling McLean Marco Cardamone Annette Schiffmann
Teresa  Ziska Marla Norton Maxwell Van Pelt Kristofer Smiley Mandy Ellerton Anne Jessup
Suzanne Harle Susan Whitfield Zoe Chris Wolfgang Malika Lyon Anna Maund
Susan Pyne Mabel Boyd Zach Worthington Brian Monbouquette Madalyn Payne Angela Pierce
Sue Lanza Hecht Diana Wendt Vera Chan George Kleine Lori Hoesing Andrew W
Sharon Nash Ross sean hynes Tolkienizer Paul Hoepfner-Homme Lon Smith Anastasia Miliano
Sharon G Rubin Saisin Milkiiee tedder Elizabeth  Wearin Lis Hulin Wheeler Amy Stromberg Kreydin
Sawyer Robert Khoe Tab Jon Linda Sufficool Amy Siuda
Sarah & Mark Snyderman Mathieu Marquer Steve Bivans trilety wade Linda Raynolds Amy Radding
Sandy Armor Ginger Dzerk & Scott Earley Steve Scott Cummings Linda Henning ameo
Roberta Hill Better Bean Company Sophie karen odowd Linda Bridge Amanda
robert eames Antonia Sherry Parsons George C. Thorman Leslie Pillen Alyssa Taylor
Rob Barreca Jenni Wallace Sharon Knoll Floyd Stenneche Leah McIntosh Ally Sterling
Rita Neal Zaq Cruze Scott Freday Cathrin Eszbach Ktdaylutz Allison Kallo
Rachel Melone Yuta Nishiyama Scott Conroy Adam Holland Kristy McGuire Alex
Rachel Leavitt Wilma Mercadante Sarah Manthey Renee Young Kirsten Aidan Nelson
Peter W William Koeppen Samuel Webb Stephanie Ahlschwede Kim Laursen Aidan Murphy
Peter & Jude Kallok William F Braasch Jr. Robert Ash Paul Stultz Kim Hammon Adam Carter
Paulette Araujo Traycee Hanvy Rhea Thompson Wendy Lundeen Kevin McGregor Ed D’Amato
Oscar M. Gutierrez Travis LeDoyt Nicolette Jaworski janet kahle Kerrie Tuck Gila Heller
Nicholas Hahn Tracy Byers Nick Corsetti Catherine Joan Jesperson Kelly Sommers Sam Baraso
Nancy Schalles Tony O’Grady Nathan Marcus Kayla Kelly Smith Wesley Montgomery
Morgan Britt Tina Natalie Stow Manaure Francisquez Keith Ranney (and Elizabeth Crow) Rebecca Nelson
MONTE THOMPSON Timothy Peterson Mujtaba Al-Qudaihi Greg Wilkinson Katy Briggs Nate
Michaela Weiss Tim Guthrie Morgan Curtis Abe Dyck Katie Matthew D Ferguson
Michael Lehrman Theresa Williamson monica diaz Michael Greenberg Kathryn Voskuil maisie breit
Michael Dunahee Teresa Mike Nemeth Lory Davis Kate Johnson Lucy Mitchell
Melissa Poffel Sydney Neff michiforjoy Kyle C. Wong Kate Bodmann Jane Rice
Maureen Drouin Suzie Buller Michael Rasmussen joel thevoz Karen volinski Hannah Boone
Maureen Anderl Susan Zajonc Melissa Wong Jim Brown Karen Jones Greg Meyer
Matt VanEpps susan Ryder Maxwell Odland David Williams Justin Honold Dana Kublin
Maryn Sue Eisen Matthew Knight Courtney Pinard Justin Czerniak Christian Bayer
Mary Jo Feeney Steve Harris maryfrancisd Corinna julialiedel Chad Kilpatrick
Mary Gail Biebel Stephanie Takeuchi Margaret Raimondi Brian Gaffney Julia DeWahl Becky Mundt
Marta Szoboszlay Stephanie Leikas Margaret Morgan Billy Corbett Judy Alix Boham
Mark Winne Stacy Solie maeve beecher Benjamin D. Wood Judith de Haan joanna Spinoza
Mark Ellenbogen Souther Salazar Maeghan Stewart Ben Hom jrsyjane Molly Grear
Mark & Nancy Franco sojourner Lindsey Goding Anne Hall Joianne Payne Jeff Gustafson
Margie Magnuson Sneha Gantla Linda Robinson Alison Slavin johnny ridenour Hamish Tildesley
Marc Monbouquette Sharrene Bernhardt Leah Milstein Patty Kestin Johnathan Spencer Aleta Kasper-Halter
Marc Delman Sharon Ede Laura M. Ohanian Nicholas Pierce-Cramer John Willa
Mandy Zachariades Sean Eidson kirsten James Novakowski Joel St. Julien Wendy Hardenberg
Malcolm Booth Seabrook Leaf Keenan Gallagher Claire Conway Jody Boyer Viviana Lindo
louise shapiro Sarah Younger KC Mull justin jacobson jessie griffen Virgil Huston
Lisa Tholen sarah james Kathleen A. Rockafellow jennifer Jeremy Teperman Trevor Davis
Lisa Pezzulich Sarah Duane Kate Twelker Charles Griffen Jennifer Landry Travis Middleton
Lindsay Sarah Donovan Kate Cooper Michael Tadlock Jeffrey Collins Torrey Umland
Lina Stepick Sarah Carson Karomel Macchiato Jill Kirshner jean Tish Bastian
Laura Ross-White Sarah Karen Butowsky Jessica Dempsey Clark Jarrod West Teresa
Laura Inkeles Sara Sharpe Joe Doc Terry James Conway Janel Clement Susan Weyrauch
Laura Bell sara brennan Jerry Cunningham Elizabeth Strain Jake Blehm Susan Joy Schleef
Kitty Chamberlain Samy Khelfa Jennifer Grasso Elizabeth Jack Arnold Susan Haymer
Kevin Danaher Sally Page Jen Duncan Chris Conley Hitesh Patel Susan Bradley
Kerry Barrett Robyn Jara Cannon Biggs hilary wilken Studio Lumineux, LLC
Kathy Lambert Robin Meyers James Miles Bob Besso Heidi Stark Steven Balusik
Kate Krueger Robert Stoffel Jake Jennifer Chong Heather Johnson Steve and MariAnn Lisenbe
Julia Busiek Robert Ford Ian Glodich Susan Lannin Gwen Hill Stephen Schug
Judith Berman Rob Mills Heather Keane Kristin Palmer Guy Sakamoto Stephanie Crocker
Jordan C. Langer Rikard Heather Drake Shelby Molyneux Ginny Wallace Stefanie Reinhold
John Macy Renee Roberts Heather Carr Marian Fey Gail Gladstone Sorin Neacsu
John Jelinek Rebecca Pauba Hannah Mandy France Benoit Soohyen Park
John Inkeles Rasheel Hannah Kaitlin Nelson Miller Fran Stallings Shodoka
John Edmonds Ramola D Gregor Martin Michael Kalmanovitch Faythe Rippeon Scott Cooney
John Conner Raines Cohen Graham Christensen Zier Family evan konecky sc09132000
Jill Mengesha Rachele Kugel Geoff Ka’alani Ted Lesher Evan Juda Sarah Jessup
Jason Gruss Rachel Willis Emily Frank Taylor Roholt Erik Willis Sara Schenk
Jaclyn Anderson purka Elsa Kholdi Susannah Connor Eric Hartman Sandra Luckow
Heather L. Martin PMcPhillips Ellie Alter Susan Eric Belsey Sandra Cooper
Harry Rhodes Philipp Ruhe Elise Lasko ShaneHensinger Elizabeth Warren Echternach Giffin Samantha Kaplan
Guy Trampe Petr Bakus Elijah Shannon Selby Scott Wilson Drew Britten Sadhna Sachdev
Georgia Taylor Pennie Cummings Donna Labrador Scott Cripps Don Dufresne Ross Kennedy
fish77 Peggy Bach David Gibbs Sarah Wengert DMK Ron Butler
Fairouz Bishara Patrick Conner Dave Johnson Sang Curtis Diane Whitman robin conley
Eric Cooper Pat Giambattista Daniel Bowman Simon Sally Lewis Denise Papin Robert Szypko
Emily Yen P. Hendricks Cristina Pellegrini Roger Paulman Deirdre Sutula Robert Sauermann
Ellen Walsh-Rosmann Noah Harwood Claire Anderson Robert Godes Deeno Boosalis Robert R Ervin
Davilyn Barnwell Nicholas Coombs cindy ziegler Richard Tyssen David Burr & Jamie Reiss Robert Joseph
Daniel Florencio Nathan Christina Surrano Rachel Resnikoff Danny Mendoza Richard Otey
Dan and Michaela Long Nancy Spence Chris Bodnar Peggy Acott Daniel R Fredricks Rhonda Smith
Cory Dochow Miriam Gittelman Chelsea McQuaid Patrick Favara Conor Galligan Renee Allie
Connie Luton Miranda Gray Carl Miller Nancy O’Mallon Clara Coleman Remy Franklin
Clarisa Ramirez Michelle Paquet Brittany Todd Monica Balanoff Cindy Humphreys Rebecca Tschetter
Chris Niewiarowski Michael Davis Bradley D Hazelrigg Michael Mills Chyna Willis Rachel Ruppel
Chelsea Richardson Merilee Buster Bob Carocari Michael Delich Christy Pooschke Rachel Carter
Chamelaeon Melonie Tharpe, Cubby West, James Martin Blair, Laura Lynn, & Rachel Martha Raynolds Christine Starr Davis Patrick Dodson
Carol Diiorio Melina Marmarelis Betsy Kenney mark Melchiorre christine PAMELA LINDSEY
Carla Felten Mela Macquarrie Bean Head Farm !! Mark Marchese Christina Bronsing-Lazalde Oscar Bartos
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Erin Dauson Beezhan Tulu

Host a Screening of Growing Cities for Food Day!

September 2nd, 2014

Host a Screening Food Day

Position Filled. Growing Cities needs a Screenings Coordinator (Omaha, NE)!

July 28th, 2014


COMPANY: Elmwood Motion Picture Company
JOB TITLE: Screenings Coordinator
START DATE: August 2014 (need six-month commitment)
HOURS: Half-time, 20-30 hours/week, paid position

Growing Cities is an inspiring new film about urban farming in America. The documentary highlights innovators and everyday people who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food—from rooftop farmers and backyard beekeepers to food justice activists and educators teaching kids to eat healthier. The film shows urban agriculture is about a whole lot more than simply good food. Learn more at:

POSITION GOAL: The screenings coordinator helps facilitate community screenings across the US/world by communicating with, receiving payment from, and shipping DVDs and screening kits to the on-the-ground event organizers.


  • Booking screening tour stops and negotiating speaking and screening license fees for filmmakers.
  • Cold call/email outreach to targeted groups for Fall screenings campaign.
  • Regular communication with screening hosts at various parts of process.
  • Receiving screening applications and creating invoices/license agreements.
  • Processing credit card payments using Square app.
  • Printing shipping labels and preparing pieces to be mailed.
  • Posting upcoming screenings to website.


  • Based in or near Omaha, NE (highly preferred)
  • Self-starter — able to work independently and keep up on tasks
  • Excellent at communication (both via email and over the phone) — good balance of friendly and professional
  • Able to collaborate on team and follow through on assigned tasks
  • Highly detail-oriented, organized, and thorough
  • Proficiency with Adode in-design and/or photoshop highly preferred
  • Interest in urban farming and/or film also a strong plus


  • Computer (with MS Office, preferred)
  • Cell phone number that can be given to screeners and posted online
  • Heavily email-based, so internet access is essential (can work at studio)
  • Access to a printer recommended (or can use studio printer)
  • A smartphone or tablet needed to process payments

HOW TO APPLY: Send an email to with your resume and short letter detailing your interest.


What’s Stopping You?

July 3rd, 2014
Lee Domeika




KS18Katrina didn’t stop Janette growing. What’s stopping you?

Folks, with just 5 days left until the end of our KICKSTARTER, we are proud of our results so far. 300+ backers and over $21,000 pledged so far. With the holiday weekend coming up, we need more support to finish strong. Check out our extended prizes for further pledging and get #GrowingCitiesonPBS


Why I want to see Growing Cities on PBS: Mandy Mowers, screenings coordinator

July 1st, 2014
Mandy Mowers

Why I want #GrowingCitiesonPBS: Mandy Mowers, Screenings Coordinator from Growing Cities Movie on Vimeo.

Hi. My name is Mandy Mowers, and I’m the screenings coordinator for Growing Cities. That means I’ve gotten to talk to hundreds of fabulous community-minded folks around the country and the world this spring and summer. These people have been interested in bringing Growing Cities to their communities, to help inspire their neighborhoods to grow where they are.

I saw the film in Omaha last fall. Finally. Dan Susman, the director, has become a good friend of mine, stemming from the ultimate frisbee field. We’d been hearing about this film for so long, I couldn’t believe I was finally getting to see it.

Going in, I knew the film was about gardening and growing food in cities. I had no idea just how inspiring it would be.

I loved that the documentary was so positive. I love documentaries, but they can be draining. They are often about issues affecting our world, and I’m left with a heavy, guilty sense. Growing Cities did talk about important issues of our time, but I left feeling light, hopeful, excited.

My friend Betsy and I (thank goodness I got to be her plus one!) talked the whole way home about growing food.

I’d been wanting to start a garden, but I’d resigned to just forget it for the time being. My apartment’s already-limited ground soil is soaked in lead. And I suffer from a black thumb for all vegetables. Houseplants, fine. But if it’s food, I will kill it.

Growing Cities inspired me to contact my friend Marcia, who is a master gardener. I’d help her with the labor of her garden if she’d teach me to nurture those elusive fruits and vegetables. I helped her plant seeds. She sent me photo updates later in the week of our sprouts.

As the summer has picked up, I confess I’ve slipped in my apprenticeship. But I am determined to learn to grow food, and I know Marcia will be on call when it comes time for me to start planting my own garden.

I also registered for an aquaponics class. Betsy is a teacher whose summer class last year built an aquaponics system (with help). That was the first, and the film was the second time I’d really heard about aquaponics.

These systems use fish and plants to feed each other—and to feed you. I’m deeply interested in learning more.

And finally, I was inspired to join the team at Growing Cities, to help spread word about good food and get even more people excited to grow their own. The film has been featured in more than 25 film festivals and at more than 200 community screenings.

I got involved in this project because I believe deeply in the message of the film. You don’t have to grow everything, but you can grow something. And every little bit helps move us toward sustainability.

Because the truth is, we have got to think about future generations. We’ve got to learn and then be able to teach sustainable agricultural practices, and we’ve got to do it in the cities where we live.

Me, I loved the small town I grew up in. But I live in a city now, and I think I’ll probably live in a city when I raise my own family. I want to be part of building a better world right here in the city.

A message like that belongs on PBS. I want kids to see it. I want adults to see it. The people I’m thinking of might not go looking for a documentary on sustainable agriculture or farming in the city. But they might find it if it’s on public television. And maybe they’ll get excited about urban farming too — just like I did.

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