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Spiral- Empowerment Through Permaculture
May 9, 2015

What a magical thing to stumble upon a beautifully unique, yet timeless experience… that’s how one feels when reading about Spiral- a summer intensive permaculture program for young women at Dig In Farm in MA. To learn a bit more about the structure here is an excerpt from their website:

“Offered at Dig In Farm (a ten-acre perennial farmstead) in western Massachusetts, Spiral is a month-long residentialĀ Permaculture Design Course, aimed to empower young women through regenerative agriculture. Permaculture is a design process that helps people design systems (be they agricultural, social, financial, or other) that nourish the earth, care for people, and bring a more just world into being. Students will graduate from the program with internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificates”

Too good to be true? Well it gets better! Spiral is a program where hard work, play, observation and mentorship intertwine to create community and empowerment! Just take a look at some of their photos to get a sense of the beauty of the program and land:

dig+in+farm+1 1.43.13 AMIMG_2876spanish+tortilla+1blueberries+1

Can’t wait to hear the strength, stories and joy that come out of their first summer… stay tuned and learn moreĀ here!


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