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The Film


A film about urban farming in America

A documentary film that examines the role of urban farming in America and asks how much power it has to revitalize our cities and change the way we eat

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In their search for answers, filmmakers Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette take a road trip and meet the men and women who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food, one vacant city lot, rooftop garden, and backyard chicken coop at a time.

Join them as they discover that good food isn’t the only crop these urban visionaries are harvesting. They’re producing stronger and more vibrant communities, too.

Host-a-screening this Spring to kickoff the growing season or to energize the next event at your farm, garden, or school!


The Team

Dan Susman

Dan’s passion for city farming originated when he worked on an urban farm in Portland, OR. Ever since he has been dreaming of how to bring it back to his community and to people across the nation. One short documentary he made, Landmark, examined the social and political issues around developing a piece of land in his community.

Andrew Monbouquette
Director of Photography / Producer

Andrew earned his degree in Rhetoric & Media studies from Willamette University, where the motto was “Not unto ourselves alone are we born.” For him, making this film is about serving his fellow Americans by helping to ensure that everyone has access to fresh, healthy food. In addition to being a lifelong cinephile, Andrew has worked on several short films throughout college and high school.

Joel St. Julien

Joel St. Julien is a composer, musician, and songwriter from San Francisco.  Joel is able to adapt his musical style for each project he works on and has shown off this skill in the score for Growing Cities.  The score includes everything from down home bluegrass to more urban beats and makes you feel like you're in the back seat with Dan & Andrew.  To sample some music from the film visit his website.

Brent Lubbert
Co-producer/Production Manager

Brent has been a part of the Omaha film community through his work on short films, radio documentaries, and working at Omaha’s non-profit independent cinema, Film Streams.  Brent also farms with Big Muddy Urban Farm in Omaha.

Dana Altman

Dana is the founder and director of North Sea Films.  Over the past 23 years he has produced seven feature films, three network television specials, and seven documentaries.  Some of his work includes Lovely, Still (Toronto International, Chicago), America’s Marine Aviators (GI Film Fest), and Sick Birds Die Easy (Hotdocs, Poland).  A veteran independent filmmaker, Dana joined the team to ensure the film reaches and resonates with a wide audience.

Alexandru Moscu

Alex is a Peabody award-winning editor who has worked in the film and television industry for over 30 years. He edited countless documentaries for PBS, including episodes of American Experience such as 72 Days Around The World, Monkey Trial, Oregon Trail, and many others. He knows how to tell a story and mesmerize an audience, often saying the best editing 'is the kind you don't notice at all.'


Slow Food USA envisions a sea change alternative to the industrial system where all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who cultivate it, and good for the planet.  Slow Food volunteers in 200+ local chapters nationwide are promoting environmentally friendly food production, teaching children how to grow and prepare their food, and preserving local foods, cultures and traditions.

Sustainable Table works to create a safe, healthy, fair food system by educating people about the benefits of sustainable agriculture and providing tools and resources to empower them to make better food choices. They are working with Growing Cities to create educational materials and sharing data from their Eat Well Guide – a curated online directory of 25,000+ farms, stores, restaurants, and CSAs.

The National Young Farmers Coalition represents, mobilizes, and engages young farmers to ensure their success. They are working with the Growing Cities team to provide accompanying resources for aspiring farmers.

WhyHunger helps builds the movement to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is a grassroots organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability on behalf of organic and socially responsible consumers. OCA is helping spread the word about Growing Cities to it's members.

Sustainable America aims to reduce U.S. oil consumption while increasing U.S. food production. By raising awareness and supporting innovation we can effect sustainable change.


Whole Foods Market Omaha offers the highest quality natural and organic products at the best prices possible.  They supported Growing Cities through their Community Support Day program in 2011.

Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies. It builds all year long and culminates on October 24th.

Nutiva® is the world’s best-selling brand of nutritious and all-organic hemp foods, extra-virgin coconut oil, red palm oil and chia seeds. Since 1999 Nutiva has donated one percent of sales to sustainable-agriculture groups that enrich the soil and support a healthy world.

Paradigm Gardens is a family-owned retail store committed to providing excellent quality progressive gardening products. Their line includes horticultural lighting, hydroponics equipment, greenhouse supplies, environmental controls, nutrients, supplements, and organics.

Food & Water Watch works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced. They are working with Growing Cities to help people take charge of where their food comes from and educate about the importance of keeping the global commons under public control.

The Pollination Project believes in the power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. They give $1,000 seed grants to individual change makers, every day of the year, emphasizing projects that expand compassion in the world. We received a Pollination grant for our "Grow Where You Are" engagement campaign.


Working Films brings persuasive and provocative documentary films to long-term community organizing and activism.  They are working with the Growing Cities team to form partnerships with local and national good food organizations. 

Grow Green Health is a small business that provides an eco-friendly solution for urban gardening. Their vertical garden simplifies traditional growing, using a unique hydroponic system that makes it easy to produce your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home.

Dartmouth's Environmental Studies, Film, and Graduate Studies departments have provided support for the film's production and outreach.

SeedTabs encourages more people to grow by offering seeds in high traffic areas of our communities. They believe that exposing thousands of people to the idea of planting through easy access to seeds will build a stronger, healthier population.

We relied on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, and the generous support from over 1,300 individuals across the world to make Growing Cities. Thanks to all of our backers! A complete list can be found by clicking Kickstarter logo above.

American Public Television (APT) has been the leading distributor to public television station's since 1961. APT is the national distributor of Growing Cities to public television stations across America.


Our press kit, including digital stills, poster, and director statement can be found here. See below for past articles:

    4/5/14 "GROWING CITIES will make urban farming your new obsession"

                   3/7/14 "...the film offers plenty of new ideas to chew on and inspiration to act on!"

                   5/15/12 " urban farming adventure!"

                 8/30/13 "The most inspiring food film we've ever seen!"

             4/11/14 " how urban farming cross-pollinates immigration, employment, education, and public health!"


           3/01/14 "A fun and lighthearted film..."



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